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Who did Escort MISS?
July 27, 2011, 1:54 pm
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My magazine of choice when I was a young spunker was Escort because the covers were absolutely bang on the money, but the other day when I added to the blog the a list of all the Escort cover girls (the list is a work in progress) it got me thinking as to who did they miss?

The editor for Escort’s golden period was Neville Player and this guy really knew his trade so its hard to see how you could really argue with his cover choices. But that being said there are some better than others so……

Who do you think should have been an Escort cover girl but never made the grade?

Which cover girl would you take off to put your model in her place?

Who should never have been a cover girl at all?

Send me your thoughts and the reasons why she should have made the grade.

Take it down Ms Jones!
July 26, 2011, 9:17 pm
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Cover girl Julia Jones became Escort Magazines Secretary

Take a letter Miss Jones

This cover girl from the January edition of Escort, 1982 is non other than the real life secretary of Escort magazine, Julia Jones.

If you look on the contents page you’ll see that on every issue of Escort a little snippet of info was written about who was on the cover for that particular issue and these are signed normally J.J. or Julia.

She was already a secretary when photographed but not for Escort so getting her kit off got her ahead in life. Escort is now up to Volume 31 (that’s 31 years of publication) and although that great little pre-amble has gone she did get her name on the cover of Escort V30 No 5 with the strap line; ‘Join Julia Jones’ Jug Search.’

Escort magazine biography
September 15, 2007, 11:27 am
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Escort Magazine

Paul Raymond

London, England.

Escort magazine is published by Paul Raymond (PRP) whose offices are in the Soho district of London, England. It would be fair to say that Paul Raymond is one of Britain’s most respected ‘porn magazine’ publishers (and one of the richest men in England) printing not only Escort, but Mayfair, Club International, Razzle, Soho, Men’s World, Men Only, Model Directory and Just Girls amongst others.

Escort magazine is now in its 27th year beginning in Jan 1981 with Escort Volume One Number One, however to test the market a preview issue was printed sometime in 1980 which is catalogued on jobbydealer as es0100 and obviously highly valued by collectors of this magazine title.

Each issue of Escort magazine is given a volume number and an issue number rather than a date but the magazines can be dated by looking at the copyright date in the publishers statement which is generally on the first inside page of the magazine.

For the first 5 years of Escort magazines life there were 12 issues published with volume 6 Escort being the first series to have an issue 13 which represented a double month at the end of the year which was 1986.

Unlike some of the other Paul Raymond adult magazine titles such as Mayfair and Club, Escort magazine is as far as we can tell only printed for the UK market as we’ve never seen an overseas edition for it, this is not to say that the magazine is not exported as the earlier editions of Escort where printed with prices for several European countries.

Editions of Escort magazine up to Escort Volume 15 Number 11 had a gatefold cover which was smaller than the A4 size of the magazine, in effect when opened out made up the first 6 pages of the magazine, this allowed the first inside page (page 7 in this instance) to have a 2 inch strip which showcased the contents, in later editions the gatefold was made nearly the same size as the magazine.

Generally Escort magazines have 80 odd pages with the early editions being printed in a mix of colour and black and white, obviously all later editions are full colour unless they are running a section on vintage girls such as a retro look at George Harrison Marks or print a picture of a readers wife which came to the office in black and white.

Not one for printing articles, Escort magazine in the main is small photoshoots generally two pages of various models, the ‘show us yours’ section which is for the readers wives and the mail bag which is the letters section with each readers letter generally having a couple of snap shots of the wife. However, if you had to point to the feature that gave the magazine its individuality it would be the Escort magazine ‘Girls Of Your Town’ feature which was a nude pictorial of several girls all hailing from whichever town was being featured that month. Most towns got a mention including, Manchester, Liverpool, Runcorn and Bristol.

Although a mainstream magazine Escort sits at the second level of glamour magazines and by that I the top tier of Paul Raymond titles would be Mayfair, Men Only and Club International with Escort and Razzle magazine being underneath them.

Having said that the glamour models who have graced the covers of Escort through the years reads like a who’s who of England’s favourite glamour models. Teresa May, Louise Hodges, Toni Shilletto, Carla Fernandez, Solange, Pauline Hickey and Melanie Bolton are just a few of the famous names who have appeared on the cover and inside various issues of Escort magazine with a lot of them making their nude debut with an appearance in Escort.

Today Escort is a highly collectable magazine with the back issues from 1986 through to 1995 being highly prized.