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Top 100 Glamour Models
July 27, 2011, 7:22 pm
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What I’ve tried to do here is find the top 100 glamour models who’ve appeared in a ‘standard’ British top shelf title. I’ve compiled the girls from the sales that we take from Jobbydealer, Back Issues and Joanie Allum along with the email enquiries.

To name just 100 girls out of the thousands who’ve appeared in print over the years is difficult enough so what I thought I’d do is list the top 100 from sales/emails in A to Z order and then post new lists with the girls who are in a top ten say for sales or just emails that we receive bestowing a certain girls beauty.

Now I know there’s going to be anomalies such as Linda Lusardi not being in my top 100 but that’s purely because she did so few magazine shoots that my data is skewed. Other problems include that the girls name is not widely known (Chrissy Lyons and plus very few shoots) and if the girl was a page three girl from one of the red tops (Sun, Star, Mirror) then obviously you can expect more people to be searching her out on Google. Also, if a girl is very well know (Teresa May) then it may be that because she appears in so many magazines we receive no emails about her and can’t follow the trend from sales as theirs just to many issues with her inside them. I’m a bit buggered really!!!

Finally! If when you read the list you’re not sure what the girl who I’ve named looks like then email me and I’ll post a picture of her face.

Anyway. Here’s my top 100 list and if you think a model is missing then just email me and I’ll add her to the result once I figure out who to remove or create a new post and ask the visitors to this blog if they think that your suggestion is worthy of a place.

Adele Stephens
Ali Sky
Alison Brown
Alison Howard
Amanda Long
Amanda Shrempton
Andrea Clarke
Andrea Spinks
Anne Marie Eggleston
Brigette Barclay
Carla Fernandez
Carrie Lorimer
Charmaine Sinclair
Chrissy Lyons
Clare Leng
Clare Margeson
Clare Robertson
Clare Summers
Debbie Ashby
Debbie Jackson
Debbie Jay
Debbie Jordan
Diana Wynn
Diana Van Laar
Donna Ambrose
Emma Cesari
Eve Vorley
Gaynor Bell
Gilly Sampson
Hayleigh Marie
Helen Simpson
Jane Botham
Janie Hamilton
Janine Ashton
Jo Guest
Joanne Arthur
Karen Briton
Karen Thornton
Karen White
Kate Hewletson
Kathy Shannon
Kay Griffiths
Keera Ashton
Kerry Marie
Kim Wetherby
Kirsten Imrie
Kirsty Smith
Laura McKewan
Laura Singer
Linda Windebank
Linsey Dawn McKenzie
Lisa Meridith
Lisa Renzi
Louise Leeds
Lucy Gresty
Lucy Halloran
Maria Sheriff
Marie Whittaker
Mary Millington
Mel Penny
Melanie Bolton
Melanie Brown
Melanie Reeves
Millie Minchen
Natalie Banus
Nicky Berry
Nicky Norman
Nicole Simmonds
Pat Wynn
Pauline Hickey
Rosemary England
Sam Fox
Sammy Jessop
Sammy Larkin
Sammy Walker
Sara Benachour
Sarah Young
Shanine Linton
Sharlene Woodsford
Sharon Hawthorne
Sharon Kane
Sharon Tansley
Shona McTavish
Solange Hop
Stacy Moran
Stacy Owen
Stephanie Bews
Stephanie Wiggens
Suzanne Brando
Tara Bardot
Tina Holmes
Tina Moore
Tina Reed
Toni Kessering
Toni Shilletto
Tracy Coleman
Tracy West
Veronica Zemanova
Vicky Lee
Vida Garmen