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Who are we – What have we got?
December 6, 2011, 1:41 am
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jobbydealer-cartoon2The problem we have at is how do we get ALL our magazines online.

Now, I appreciate that may sound quite simple but if you add up ALL the magazines issues ever published it would run into millions.

What we’re doing now is working to get up all our magazine stock as text only because we’re thinking that if we don’t have to scan the images of EVERY magazine cover we can show you some real nuggets of magazine titles you’ve never heard of from countries you’ve never heard of that contain all your favourite girls.

We’re also going to start getting some videos and photos together so that we can walk you round our magazine stocks so you can see just how much gear we have in stock.

To give you some idea as to our stock pile. When Double D (London) shut down we bought all their back stock, including all the early editions of Score videos – before Score was even invented. When Paul Raymond the publishers of Mayfair, Men Only, Club, Escort, Razzle, Men’s World, Razzle et al, sold out, we bought their warehouses in London, Connecticut and Paris. We bought out Swish Publications the publishers of Madame, Smooth, Fighting Girls, Amazons in Action et al and none of those EVEN appear on our website.

We’ve got runs of calendars, playing cards, photo sets and the rights to several of the top glamour photographers work like Joanie Allum, Jack Harrison and Ralph Medland all of which have never been seen.


You tell me where I start?

The big UK publishers are:

Paul Raymond: Mayfair, Escort, Men Only, Club, Razzle, Just Girls, Men’s World.

Galaxy: Fiesta, Knave, Ravers.

Goldstar: Whitehouse, Playbirds, Lovebirds, Ruster, Raider.

PHONE THEM and ASK THEM where they buy back issues so they can reprint photo sets….. JOBBY.

While the wife’s away….!
July 26, 2011, 4:14 pm
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jobbydealer cartoon

Ah! Peace at last.

On my main blog attached to the back issue magazine site I was discussing how much each of the Readers Wives got paid for sending in their photographs and letters and as I skipped through the pages I noticed (for the first time) that Escort has cartoons inside.

So I thought what I’d do is get a cartoonist to draw me a cartoon for the site.

The result of his work is shown here and my brief for him was. I sell adult magazines for a living and my wife is going away on holiday.

That’s what he sent back!

Blogger for English Adult Mags
September 15, 2007, 9:37 am
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This blog will list all your favourite models who’ve appeared over the years in British men’s magazines like Escort, Club International and Razzle. As well as listing the models I’ll give you a bio on each magazine title, it’s editors and glamour photographers.